May 6, 2015

United Mine Workers calls it quits for Obama

Best news I’ve heard in a long time. A union dropping out of endorsing Obama.

The United Mine Workers of America, a prominent Democratic union and avid supporter for President Obama in 2008, is at its breaking point with the Obama administration’s “War on Coal.” After calls from their ‘rank and file’ – who’ve seen plants closed, pink-slips and jobs threatened at the hands of President Obama’s EPA – the UMWA is sitting this one out. Pretty telling of the changing tides when even UMWA officials can’t remember the last time they didn’t endorse a presidential candidate.

Coal miners’ aren’t buying into an Obama 2nd term, and neither are the  millions of Ohioans who rely on the coal industry in their local communities to create jobs and put food on the table. The president’s regulatory policies have hindered recovery in the Buckeye State, most notably in the energy sector.  His EPA has relentlessly attacked Ohio’s coal industry, which provides both jobs and affordable energy.  Thanks to the president’s excessive regulations many plants in Ohio—and neighboring states—have been and will be forced to close leaving hardworking Ohioans without jobs.

This November, Ohio and hopefully West Virginia will instead look to Governor Romney’s plan for all-of-the-above energy policies that will harness our domestic energy resources and help create jobs in here and around the nation.

“As of right now, we’ve elected to stay out of this election,” said Mike Caputo, a UMWA official and a Democratic member of the West Virginia House of Delegates. “Our members right now have indicated to stay out of this race, and that’s why we’ve done that…. I don’t think quite frankly that coalfield folks are crazy about either candidate.”

“Our members count on coal-fired power plants and burning of coal to keep jobs,” Caputo said. “We’re a very Democratic union and we try to listen to the rank and file. They’ve sent a clear message that they’re not supportive of the environmental rules that are being put in place.”

The job-killing regulations of the EPA and Obama Administration are at fault for the job loss and the devastation of the mining industry. Several coal plants are set to close in Ohio, one coal burner near my home will be shuttering 3 out of 4 of its coal burners on September 1. Can’t afford to put in the millions of dollars the greedy environmentalists demand to keep the electricity on.

UMW may not be endorsing Romney, at least at this point but it appears we have detente. I’ll accept that for now.

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