July 4, 2015

Obama pulls stimulus funds for 0% emission coal plant

Coal just can’t get a break. No matter how much coal-fired plants retro-fit and try by spending billions of dollars to keep all that evil carbon out of the air, Obama and his minions at the Dept. of Energy, EPA, Sierra Club and all other “earth justice” groups are still determined to put all coal plants out of business. And so far he’s been pretty successful. One of the more “successful” legacies Obama will have and one promise he has kept.

During the George W. Bush years, an experiment was begun in Illinois in an attempt to “sequester” carbon waste from coal plants deep in the ground. FutureGen was born with the assistance of the Dept. of Energy, an alliance of energy groups and with the help of then-governor Rod Blagojevich and Democratic U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

To make a long story short, after many pitfalls and setbacks, the FutureGen coal-fired plant was started in 2009 and construction of the FutureGen2 plant began in September of 2014 in Matoon, Illinois. NOTE: while Obama was a senator, he was all for this plant which would use what is called “Carbon Capture and Storage” technology, or CCS for short. And he even awarded them via the stimulus $1.1 billion.

As shown in the picture from FutureGen, the waste would be pumped via pipeline to a storage facility near Ashland, Illinois where it would be sequestered underground. Click to enlarge:


Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Almost 0% emissions from this coal plant which should satisfy Obama, the Greenies, and show the rest of the world how great U.S. technology is in controlling greenhouse gases.

The catch was the developers and those in the Alliance had to come up with some private money to assist in the development and operation.

The Alliance started out with more companies than there are now. Several dropped out after costs rose. Those that are left are Peabody Coal, Alpha Natural Resources Coal, mining companies AngloAmerican and JoyGlobal, and GlenCore, a global natural resources company. Now of course the less the number of those on board, the greater each of those left must contribute.

Then abruptly last week the Dept. of Energy yanked its funding for the plant, effectively suspending operations since it could not be sustainable with only private funds. The DOE claimed there would be insufficient time to complete the plant before the federal funding expired in September of this year. Out of the $1.1 allocated, DOE had spent $116.5 million since 2010 on the power plant and another $86 million on the underground storage facility. The excuse from the DOE was to minimize taxpayer risk. Guess that wasn’t an issue with all Obama’s failed pet projects like Solyndra. From the Daily Caller:

“The Obama Administration is engaging in misleading double-talk on clean coal technology. Although the administration leaned heavily on FutureGen technologies to justify its flawed New Source Performance Standards rule,” said Laura Sheehan, spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

“President Obama has now cut the project off altogether—demonstrating his hypocrisy towards the American people and his bias against advanced clean coal technologies,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan went on to say it’s a disgrace Obama was all for the plant and CCS technology was he was a senator.

Of course the Sierra Club is gleeful. They had this to say in a presser:

“The U.S. Department of Energy’s decision to pull funding for the FutureGen coal plant reflects a national transition happening in many communities to shift away from coal and embrace clean energy. This project has gone through a decade of false starts and with today’s announcement, $1 billion in federal funding and hundreds of thousands of dollars in Illinois ratepayer financing can be freed up for investment in clean energy.

No matter what, you can’t make the Greenies happy. All of them, including Obama, Bloomberg et al, want coal gone. Period. Even if it can be burned with zero emissions.

I suggest they turn off the power to their homes and offices for a week and let’s see how they scream when they can’t charge their iphones.

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Obama’s war on Alaska oil endangers an engineering marvel

On January 27, 2015, Obama signed another one of his land-grab orders: putting more areas of Alaska off limits to oil and natural gas drilling. But the scarier part is he also revoked areas which have already been approved for drilling where several oil companies, including Shell and Conoco-Phillips, have already set up shop for drilling. Order excerpted below:

Under the authority granted to me in section 12(a) of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, 43 U.S.C. 1341(a), I hereby withdraw from disposition by leasing for a time period without specific expiration (1) the areas of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) currently designated by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management as leasing deferral areas within the Chukchi Sea Planning Area and the Beaufort Sea Planning Area in the 5-year oil and gas leasing program for 2012-2017; and (2) the Hanna Shoal region of the Chukchi Sea Planning Area lying within the contours of the 40-meter isobath.

The map below shows the areas of Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Obama has now revoked or newly placed off limits. According to him, permanently.

Alaska areas no drilling

This does not include the land areas he has also put off limits. According to his order, the earliest year a company could apply for a lease in these Alaska areas is 2020, (click to enlarge) in the Beaufort Sea, where Shell has already set up shop but of course has been plagued by unending regulations that delay their drilling. This information can all be found on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM) website.

OCS 2017-2022 lease schedule

With a good part of Alaska’s drilling area now off limits, this has the potential of starving one of our great engineering marvels, the Alaska pipeline. The greenies not only hate oil and gas, but the pipeline as well, claiming it endangers land and kills animals. Not true. I visited Alaska in 2005 and the pictures below are mine, taken with my own camera, of the pipeline and it’s safeguards.

Alaska pipeline visitors

Alaska pipeline visitors, Carol Greenberg, Sept, 2005

Also one can see the warning signs clearly displayed:

Alaska pipeline signs warning visitors

Alaska pipeline signs warning visitors, Carol Greenberg, Sept, 2005

As one can clearly see, and I’m sure very few of the Greenies have ever seen the pipeline and just jumped on the anti-oil bandwagon, it was built high enough to allow even the tallest animals, including moose, to be able to safely walk under it. The areas of the pipeline which go underground are surrounded by fences.

But dumping Alaskan oil isn’t the only goal of the Greenies. You see, law states that if a pipeline ceases to carry oil, etc. any more; it must be dismantled. So here we have the ultimate wet-dream of the Greenies. Tearing down an engineering marvel which took years to build because they claim the pipeline itself “endangers” the environment.

House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop (UT-01) issued the following statement in response to the Obama Administration’s Draft Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program 2017-2022:

“The Obama Administration has dashed America’s offshore energy hopes once again by locking up vast swaths of taxpayer-owned resources for exploration. Instead of exploring America’s energy potential, the Administration would rather leave these assets untapped, cutting off investment and limiting possibilities for job creation.”

U.S. Representative Don Young (AK-at large) commented:

“With today’s announcement, the Obama Administration’s assault on Alaska moves from blocking development opportunities on our lands to those off our shores. In defiance of Alaska’s statewide elected officials and our legislature, the President has once again thumbed his nose at the Alaskan people as he opens another front in his ongoing war against our state. It’s becoming undeniably clear that this Administration does not view Alaska as a sovereign state, but rather an eco-theme park for the most extreme environmentalist allies of the President and his party.”

For those of you who watched the State of the Union address last week, Obama himself, naturally, took credit for our reduced gasoline prices. In reality it’s the falling price of OPEC oil and the increase of drilling on U.S. private lands which has helped the consumer.

Sooner or later OPEC will stop fighting with each other, and the price of a barrel of foreign oil will increase because more of our public lands are off limits to drilling.

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SunAnt Interactive fixes my website in a few clicks


Yea, guys. Been tearing my hair out until I’m almost bald. A couple weeks ago things went wrong on my personal website. Not because of my doing, but one of those things that are apparently buried that someone who isn’t an expert can’t solve. I tried everything until a friend of mine pointed me to SunAnt.

Damon Padovano and Matt Collins were on the issue post haste. And soon my problem was solved with a minimal amount of effort on both sides.

Kudos to both of you, your site, and your expertise. And now a have a comb that is still useful.


************** Note from Grumpy Elder

Grumpy Note: For the last couple weeks I’ve been trying to help Lady Impact figure out what the hell had happened to her website.. Before we go any farther, I’m a blogger, I know just enough about coding and servers to be dangerous.

Back to Lady Impact..

WordPress recently released an update, and like she’s done dozens of times before, she pushed the “Update Now” button. From there things got screwy. The Post Editor that allowed her to write normally had vanished when she upgraded. The only way she was able to write a post was in HTML, something very few bloggers, including myself can do comfortably.

I’d done the same upgrade on Grumpy Opinions and a couple other sites I help people manage with no problem. One by one Lady Impact tried all the “normal” trouble shooting procedures. Didn’t help.

The WordPress Forums were useless. A number of people were reporting what sounded like the same problem, a few had found solutions that worked for them. Most hadn’t, the standard reply form the WordPress Experts seemed to be, “We can’t replicate your issue, sorry, case closed”.

We looked at what the people who’d solved the problem were saying.. The solutions were all site specific, what was working on one site, didn’t apply to others.

Remember what I said about knowing just enough to be dangerous? I was considering suggesting some last resort possibilities, things I felt she needed an expert to try, when Lady Impact called Sun Ant..

I don’t think it took and hour before a very happy and excited Lady Impact Ohio was telling me:

“It’s Fixed!!! It’s Fixed!!! They did it!!!


Fomer Obama OFA brainchild in Israel with mission to topple Bibi

You can’t make this stuff up. Former OFA (Organizing for Action/America) whizz kid, yea and he is. Even I will tell you guys that. Jeremey Bird who was Obama’s Field Organizer. Is in Israel. MISSION: to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, affectionately referred to as “Bibi.” Bird is a part of this group named V-2015.

I’m not going to go into a ton of links here because we all know the story. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) invited Bibi to address Congress without asking the “permission” of A Casa Branca. Even though said Speaker is not required to ask permission. Of course POTUS had a hissy fit and his response was he would not receive Mr. Netanyahu because in his words “it was too close to the Israeli March 17 election” and of course he (Obama) didn’t want to do anything wrong. Follow this so far?

The timeline is unclear here, but this is what we do know. Bird is in Israel and is apparently bankrolled by unnamed American big-money funders not to campaign for an alternative Israeli PM, but to campaign AGAINST Netanyahu.

According to IRMA.org, which appears to be an independent Israeli reviewer of news articles states this:

V-2015 is careful not to support a specific party – rather “just not Bibi”.
As such, the foreign funds pouring into the campaign are not subject to
Israel’s campaign finance laws.

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA

So Mr. U.S. President. It appears you have some ‘spaining to do. It defies credulity that you state you will not see Bibi because of negative campaign appearances and  5 minutes later we see one of your former operatives in Israel on a mission to defeat the PM of one of America’s greatest allies?

I’m even totally disallusioned at Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Shep Smith for condemning Bibi’s visit here as a “political stunt” that will undermine U.S. Israeli relations and backfire. You can see the entire debacle here:

What happened to your conservative values? Fox News?

Mr. Bird had this tweet to explain his entire view of the situation.

Jeremy Bird Israel tweet


1700 private jets to combat “climate change”

The World Economic Forum finished up yesterday in Davos, Switzerland.  A playground for the rich and famous. If you could afford the $40K entrance fee you could go and see what the global elitists have in store for the 99.9%.

At least 1700 private jets flew the elitists attendees to this summit which discussed income inequality, sustainability, global trash and of course that pesky faux “global warming” AKA  “climate change.”

There were so many jets the Swiss had to open an air force base to accommodate them. Below we have the height of hypocrisy, rap singer Pharrell in his private jet, soaring to Davos. Alone. One wonders what he is planning here. His next song, what to tell his housekeeper to feed his dog for dinner, or a thesis on how he and his pals are going to force the rest of us to abide by whatever “rules” this faux summit comes up with:

Pharrell in private jet

It doesn’t sound like Columbia University prof Jeffrey Sachs was in attendance however as sure as the Leftists blame G.W. Bush for all that ails them, they also blame every normal, or what they perceive as “abnormal” weather or geological event on you guessed it, that pesky climate change. I’m not even going to bother putting up the video. After all, I’m not a sadist:

DR. JEFFREY SACHS, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Certainly the scientists think so. And the scientists say that there are two big reasons why we’re getting mega storms such as the big rainfalls in spring and summer and bigger snowstorms in the winter. With warmer temperature, the air holds more moisture in general and second, the oceans are really warm right now. That means that extra amount of precipitation in the warmer air over the oceans.

Jeffrey, Sir. We’ve had snowstorms forever. Big ones. Way before Al Gore invented “climate change is caused by humans.” You guys even blame earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires, rain, drought, the list goes on; on “man made climate change.”

News flash. The only cause of “climate change” is God, and he’s been doing it according to his fancy since he created Earth 5 billion years ago.

One Disqus commenter summed up this whole fiasco quite nicely in one sentence:

Davos commenter disqus

Bravo, Jen.

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